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Roof Inspections, Roof Evaluations and Roof Estimates are often used interchangeably, but there is a big difference between the 3. Roofing Done Right wants to make sure you get the exact roofing service you need.

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Roof Inspections:
Insurance, Storm Damage, & Claims

A Roof Inspection is most often associated with insurance, storm damage and claims. Roofers cannot act as a public adjuster or act on behalf of a homeowner, but may provide a roof inspection for insurance companies, commercial properties, property managers, or homeowners. The most common cases would be after a storm, our team would provide a roof inspection which includes detailed photo documentation and a detailed written report which is given to the building owner or property manager. The adjuster uses this information for insurance claims. When there is a disagreement about the findings, the adjuster may request to meet with the roofing inspector to go over the roof together. These inspections are often at no cost to the homeowner, business owner or property manager when completed by Roofing Done Right.

Roof Evaluations:
Discover The State Of Your Roof

Roof evaluations are typically used by homeowners, commercial property owners, and property managers to discover the current state of the roof. This is typically done to find out how much life is left in the roof either to plan and budget for a new roof or in the growing case - non renewal. Non renewal is when your insurance requires you to replace your roof, often at 9-10 years for shingle or flat such as TPO, PVC, foam, etc., to avoid being dropped and losing coverage. Some roofs are still in excellent condition. This inspection is a detailed photo and written report which the property owner would submit to their insurance or budget. Since this is for planning purposes or to prevent having to complete a roof replacement, roofers do not offer this as a free service. Roofing Done Right offers this service from $350 for most residential roofs. Commercial roofs depend on the scope and size of the roof.

Roof Estimates:
Thinking about getting a new roof? This is the first step in the process.

Roof estimates are always free as they are required to give pricing for a roof repair or roof replacement. While the other guys might offer an online “instant estimate” or “roof replacement calculator”, it doesn’t take into account the most common issues such as pre-existing damage, any wood that might need to be replaced, skylights, or special features or multi scope roofs - roofs that have shingle and modified bitumen, tile and TPO. Measurements are guesstimated and prices will often change when you try to sign up. We take great pride in taking a detailed approach so no detail is overlooked and no surprise costs or issues arise.

Roof Estimates:
Thinking about getting a new roof? This is the first step in the process.

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